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The chaos of life, The mix and match, The Love and Lust, The work and workship, When all consumes Life, All I wish is Silence of everything. To Silence the society, I chose high seas. To Silence the workShip, I chose the Art. To Silence the Love, Thats consuming, I walked by the beach, SeekingContinue reading “Silence”

Moved On.. Moved In..

Of all the things, I could never believe, That I would ever move on. So I moved in.. Moving In, wasn’t a choice. Wasn’t an option, Was never a compulsion, Moving In came as a new life, So I moved in.. People complain, that I have moved on. I didn’t turn my words to action.Continue reading “Moved On.. Moved In..”


Your worries are not the concerns you have for me.. But it’s that you never wanna believe a life without me in it..💗

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