The chaos of life,

The mix and match,

The Love and Lust,

The work and workship,

When all consumes Life,

All I wish is Silence of everything.

To Silence the society,

I chose high seas.

To Silence the workShip,

I chose the Art.

To Silence the Love,

Thats consuming,

I walked by the beach,

Seeking the silence,

In the gush of Sea breeze,

I picked a hotel room by the beach,

As water gushed to shore,

The gushing sound,

Killed the Silence I thought I knew.

In the emptiness of mind,

The mesmerized gushing sound,

The chaos was Silenced indeed.

Published by ggngandhar

Well, there is a lot to say, let's see how well can I summarize me. I don't see dreams with open eyes yet draw those dreams in words and lines and draw the lines between wishes and reality. Mariner by profession, loves traveling to new places, exploring new things, meeting new people and everything new gives me the enthusiasm to live more. Follow only one rule happy and fulfilling life only care for myself and expect nothing from others, that brings peace and helps me bring together the pieces of my broken life. Love painting, singing , sometime acting, Great cook and amazing conversationalist (as my friends describe me). Writing has been my passion and have always helped me in channeling my emotions and feeling. Per my zodiac I love and enjoy being secretive that's a con in most situations but pros as i don't open up to many or i should say at all to anyone, that's one reason i started writing. Like reading people, as good as a "Patrick Jane - Mentalist- The series". Well that too add as i get to know more about human nature and i can deep dive in my writing genre. I have been writing for years, i thought it is time to go social about it and see how it goes. Always had diverse ways to look at life, have always perceived thing from different angle & want to display same via my way of writing. Loves coffee, what can go wrong with writer with a coffee :).............................................. With Twist and Turns, Ups and Downs , Success and Failure here i am Gandhar Naswa - one full of life. If i have to summarize myself in one line "Mystery yet to Solved"

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