The chaos of life, The mix and match, The Love and Lust, The work and workship, When all consumes Life, All I wish is Silence of everything. To Silence the society, I chose high seas. To Silence the workShip, I chose the Art. To Silence the Love, Thats consuming, I walked by the beach, SeekingContinue reading “Silence”

Moved On.. Moved In..

Of all the things, I could never believe, That I would ever move on. So I moved in.. Moving In, wasn’t a choice. Wasn’t an option, Was never a compulsion, Moving In came as a new life, So I moved in.. People complain, that I have moved on. I didn’t turn my words to action.Continue reading “Moved On.. Moved In..”


Your worries are not the concerns you have for me.. But it’s that you never wanna believe a life without me in it..đź’—


We live and then we Die. But to live forever, we must make a life inside a heart still pumping even while we are gone…đź’—đź’“


Anyone can make you happy, By doing something special. . But . Only someone special can make you happy without doing anything, by just being there forever and ever..đź’–

Yes you kissed me..

You leaned over and kissed me, I felt my knees go weak. You leaned over and kissed me, I couldn’t even speak. You leaned over and kissed me, With a passion flowing free. You leaned over and kissed me, Sparks flew that we could see. You leaned over and kissed me, A touch so softContinue reading “Yes you kissed me..”


Desires, Desires are born again, In this decaying heart, life has come again. It’s all about a moment, The moment I saw you again. Desires are born again… Desires, Desires are born again, A deceased flame of Love, Lustrous once like Sun, Metempsychosis the sensations in my Body. Desires are born again… Desires, Desires areContinue reading “DESIRES”

Taking chances

Its hard to miss your voice everyday, No song can fill that void everyday. I wait for you to say good night, But I guess you are busy somewhere else tonight. Its not easy not to think about you night and day, But then you leave me with no other choice. I can’t promise youContinue reading “Taking chances”

The day, Valentine

On this special day, I present to my readers an attempt to fathom the best expressions and emotions to represent an official Valentine Proposal. Instead of writing a poem, I felt a letter would serve best to the purpose of relating the feelings a man/woman can carry for their loving partner, so here we go.Continue reading “The day, Valentine”


Kiss! Oh Kiss, You’re such a Bliss… Implanted on the lips, It’s like a Hiss, So many emotions, Do you implode… Helps me to let my Love Explode…… Kiss! Oh Kiss, You’re such a Miss… You’re the best expression of Love, Given on Lips, Cheeks or Forehead above, That last’s so damn long, to beContinue reading “Kiss”


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